Dissertations Supervised

1. E. C. M. van Schie – Frame of reference in causal judgment and risky choice (November 1991)

2. C. Hartgers – AIDS and risk-behaviour in a sample of intraveneous drug users (September 1992) (with R. Coutinho)

3. R. Hoevenagel – The contingent valuation methods: scope and validity (April 1994) (with J.B. Opschoor)

4. W. Bosveld – Consensus estimation: Effects of selective exposure and differential construal (June 1994) (with W. Koomen)

5. R. Richard – Regret is what you get: The impact of anticipated feelings and emotions on human behavior (June 1994) (with N.K. de Vries)

6. J.B.A. Ahlers  – Similar differences and different similarities (March 1995) (with N K. de Vries)

7. N. Struch – Effects of group messages on attitudes (September 1995) (with W. Koomen).

8. C. Martijn – Language, judgment and attitude change (October 1995) (with R. Spears)

9. W. Otten – Unrealistic optimism and social comparison processes (November 1995)

10. E. J. Doosje – Stereotyping in intergroup contexts (November 1995) (with R. Spears & W. Koomen)

11. M. Zeelenberg – On the importance of what might have been: Psychological perspectives on regret and decision making (November 1996) (with A.S.R. Manstead and N.K. de Vries)

12. M. Berndsen  – Some illusions about illusory correlation (February 1997) (with R. Spears)

13. J. de Boer – Publieke onrust (November 1997) (with J.B. Opschoor)

14. W. van Dijk – Dashed hopes and shattered dreams: On the psychology of disappointment (May, 1999) (with A.S.R. Manstead)

15. F. van Harreveld – Unpacking attitudes: An investigation into attitudinal structure (September 2001) (with N.K. de Vries)

16. H. van den Berg – Feeling and thinking in attitudes (January 2007) (with A.S.R. Manstead & D.J.H. Wigboldus)

17. Y. de Liver – Ambivalence: On the how and when of attitudinal conflict (May 2007) (with D.J.H. Wigboldus)

18. L. Nordgren – Thinking about feeling: The nature and significance of the hot/cold emphathy gap (October 5, 2007) (with F. van Harreveld)

19. D. Wiersema – Taking it personally. Self-esteem and the protection of self-related attitudes (April 23, 2009) (with F. van Harreveld)

20. B. T. Rutjens – Start making Sense: Compensatory responses to control and meaning threats. (June 15, 2012) (with F. van Harreveld)

21. K. A. Dijkstra – Intuition versus Deliberation: The role of information processing in judgment and decision making (February, 2012) (with G. A. van Kleef)

22. I. K. Schneider – The dynamics of ambivalence: Cognitive, affective and physical consequences of evaluative conflict (March 2013) (with F. van Harreveld)

23. E. A. van Doorn – Emotion Affords Social Influence: Responding to Others’ Emotions In Context. (March 2013) (With G.A. van Kleef)

24. L. Bullens – Having second thoughts. Consequences of decision reversibility. (December 2013) (With J.A. Förster and F. van Harreveld).

25. C. Wirtz  – Moral misfits: The role of moral judgments and emotions in derogating other groups (April 2014).